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“The Kid From The Big Apple 2 “Before We Forget” Gala Premiere”

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The Kid From The Big Apple which was released last year, had became Malaysian’s hit film. And now, The Kid From Big Apple 2 “Before We Forget“ will be officially be on screen on 16 November 2017.  The film is sponsored by GD Golden Destinations, hosting the  Gala Premiere screening of the film at GSC Cinema, Mid Valley Megamall on Thursday, November 9. Directed by Jess Teong, starring Tommy Tam, Tan Qin Lin, Debbie Goh and Shaun Tam.

GD Golden Destinations enthusiastically invited travel partners, airlines, travel agencies, major media and other 800 viewers to watch this film together, in order to thank the GD partners for their support and promotion of local film and television production. GD in major cinemas throughout Malaysia, scheduled more than two million movie tickets for their customers hoping to use this movie to convey to the community love and care of their families. In the meantime, GD also specially invited charity winners, including members of the Gospel Rehabilitation Center, Elderly Man’s House and Children’s House, to accompany the show to this premiere. Hoping to give a little love through little action. In addition, there’s also a special award ceremony for the singing contest held by Three Production earlier.

GD presented two tickets to the winner and hotel stay in Sydney. In addition, GSC is having a contest for the film by going to the GSC Theater and take a photo in front of The Kid From Big Apple 2 “Before We Forget” standee, then upload it to Instagram, and contestants will have the chance to win the GD-sponsored Bangkok or Bali Star Travel Package and the GD Exclusive Travel Package, which includes a 28-inch exclusive suitcase, a laptop backpack, kettle, and a travel universal adapter.

The Kid From Big Apple 2 “Before We Forget” will be officially screening at all cinema throughout Malaysia on 16 November 2017.

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Singing performance 

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The Kid From The Big Apple 2: Before We Forget Tour Dates


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