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“Do You Know: What’s Your Skin Type”

Hello, beauties!

Proper skin care isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Taking care of your skin on a regular basis takes dedication and a little bit of time.

But, taking care of your skin is really important! Even if your face is baby soft and smooth right now, it won’t be as you get older, and anti-aging is all about prevention. Even getting rid of acne and breakouts can be about prevention – you need to have healthy skin in order for it to look glowing and flawless, you know? Here are tips and tricks you’ll need for any skin type!

First, you have to figure out what’s your skin type to treat it in the best way possible.


Right products are needed to complement your complexion.

How? Tissue Test

|01| Wash and dry your face

|02| Tear a piece of tissue paper into four pieces

|03| Put one piece on your forehead, nose, cheek, and chin.


Normal- all four pieces stick for a moment then fall off

Try: Green tea mask

Dry- All four pieces fall off

Try: Aloe Vera mask or any hydrating mask

Oily- All four pieces stick to face

Try: Charcoal or clay mask

Combination- Tissue sticks to nose or chin

Try: Mask that contains grape seed extract

Fun Facts 

#1 Skin types can change, so you may need to update your routine at some point in your life.

#2 Stress and hormonal changes can also affect your skin.

#3 You may need different skin products during your menstrual cycle or during different seasons.

Happy masking this weekend!

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