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“TD’S Picks: Top 3 Innisfree Collection You Might Want to Know”

#1 My Palette

A vast selection of pigment and textures for customizable palette

 Easily customize all of your favorite shadow colors into one palette with magnetic pans.

How to

Step 1: Choose your Palette Case 

Step 2: Choose Palette Refills (Eyeshadow/ Eyebrow/ Blusher/ Highlighter/ Contouring/ Color Corrector/ Concealer – from shimmer, matte, glitter, and primer)

#2 Second Skin Mask

MYR 11.42 per piece

Fermented soybean sheet – essence enriched with skin-vitalizing ingredients

Comes in 5 different types: Anti-trouble/ Moisture/ Nourishing/ Brightening/ Lift Up

How to

01: After cleansing, use a toner to make your skin texture appear smooth.
02: Peel off one side of the mesh sheet.
03: Apply the stripped portion of the mask evenly on your face
04: Remove the mesh sheet on the other side and let it absorb for 10 to 15 minutes.
05: Peel off the mask. Dab your face to help the remaining ingredients become absorbed.

#3 No Sebum Mineral Pact


 A replacement for oil control paper that leaves the skin soft and matte

Jeju minerals and mint control skin oil and moisture to keep skin healthy

How to:

In the last stage of your skincare or makeup routine, use the powder puff to gently apply powder around your entire face or on areas with high sebum concentration

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