Q: Skin lacks moisture? Combination skin? Oily skin?

The moisture soothing line – soothe skin and restores skin’s balance with refreshing moisture

Fresh Calming Skincare Line

Fresh Calming Gel Cleanser // Fresh Calming Toner // Fresh Calming Serum // Fresh Calming Morning Mask


|01| Skin soothing & moisture care

Oil-free serum takes care of oily skin that lacks moisture by filling skin with deep seawater & soothing skin with rich substances

|02| Refreshing finish

The clear, dilute gel texture provides a refreshing feel

|03| Low-irritant skincare

What’s inside?

Rich lychee extract – soothing skin with the effect of relieving skin damage

Clean deep seawater – improves the moisture barrier by activating natural moisturizing factors with abundant minerals

How to use:

#1: Do a gentle cleansing massage and rinse with lukewarm water

#2: Pat and allow skin to absorb the toner to hydrate skin from deep within

#3: Gently apply serum onto your face from the center to the sides

#4: Apply morning mask onto the entire face and pat dry within a minute

#5: Done!

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