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Innisfree had made its official announcement on price increase effective this June 2017.  

The bad news is that Lee Min Ho Oppa begin military service in May and there goes the price increase of Innisfree products in June. But, good news is that we still have few weeks before June steps in. And, these are the Top 5 Must-Have Innisfree Products that you need to grab!

#1 Green Tea Seed Serum & Cream

The lightweight Green Tea Seed Serums give your skin moisture and it should be used as the first steps in your skincare routine as it helps subsequent products absorb much deeper which helps nourish your skin effectively.

Green Tea Seed Cream provides more moisture as the last part of a skincare regimen by locking everything in.

Note: There is a Green Tea Seed Deep Cream version for individuals with dry skin/ in cold winter months.

#2 Eco Safety Perfect Sun Block

With its SPF 50+ and PA+++ coverage, it will surely help to protect you from sun damage. This sunblock is lightweight and great for everyday use.

Note: It also has a No Sebum version for individuals with oily skin.

#3 Jeju Volcanic Srub and Clay Mask

Their Jeju Volcanic products utilize volcanic clusters which are basically volcanic minerals found around Jeju volcanoes. They are super effective at clearing out blackheads and impurities.

Jeju Volcanic Scrub: use 2-3 times a week

Super Volcanic Clay Mask: use once a week/ twice a month

Note: Original pore clay mask for individuals with smaller pores/ more sensitive skin.

#4 No- Sebum Powder

The No- Sebum Mineral powders are great for individuals with oily skin who want to banish excess shine. They come in two different forms: loose powder and pressed powder. Both work wonders for setting foundation and BB cream beautifully.

Note: There’s also No Blur rendition of their popular finishing powder which acts like HD powder to blur imperfections. It also comes in loose powder and pressed powder variations.

#5 It’s Real Squeeze Sheet Masks

 Innisfree has a large variety of wonderful sheet masks free of harmful ingredients like parabens. There are different types of sheet masks that are suitable for everyone’s budget and skin type.

 Acne-prone skin: try the tea tree version

 Dry skin: try the shea butter mask is moisturizing.

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