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Sipadan Island – top 10 dive sites in the world, and we now understand why. Sipadan Island, located in the Southeast of Sabah, is teeming with marine life.

Best time to visit: April to June 


Be a mermaid

Scuba diving is one of the must things to do in Sipadan Island, as it is the perfect spot for scuba diving and is ranked amongst the highest in the world. In simple words, it will be a divers dream come true to go scuba diving here. Here schools of jack fish don’t just swim by you, they completely surround you, schools of hump-head parrotfish get so close you struggle to not run into them.

Legend of Pocahontas

Fulfill your childhood dream of being Pocahontas in Sipadan Island where birds following you wherever you go. You can opt to view the colorful birds here. These birds are an additional beauty to the island, so if you are a bird lover and bird watching is amongst your hobby then this is one of the must things to do in Sipadan Island for you.

Finding Nemo

Not everybody can possibly be a diver, and to put it more simply, scuba diving is not everyone’s cup of cake. An alternative for non-divers is snorkeling in the fantastic deep sea of Sipadan Island, which is equally as fun as scuba diving. You can go by foot from the Sipadan beach and get to the reef but to get the further part of the reef you will be required to take a boat. From the surface, you can observe numerous corals and reef fishes and even turtles or sharks if you are extremely lucky.

Alice in the Treasure Island

Sipadan Island can rightly be called a treasure island. Those white sandy beautiful beaches will make you want to head out for a leisurely stroll with your partner.  If you wish to take a walk all around the island it will barely take you 25 minutes to take a full round and is hence, one of the for sure things to do in Sipadan Island; that is how small the island is.

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