He is tall, charming, good at jokes. He isn’t the clever type – He sleeps, chats with friends in class – not really the brilliant and excellent boy, just an average one. Well, he is my type, at least that’s what my heartbeat tells me.

Guess other girls are eyeing on him too, because, who doesn’t like a good looking guy? YES, HE IS MY CRUSH and I wish I have the courage to say it or at least admit it whenever anybody asks me. No, he isn’t, who will like such a guy – that’s my answer. That’s why I hate True or Dare because I’ll never choose either one, I’ll just lie my way out.

Telling yourself that you will get over him tomorrow, or maybe a month later. DON’T LIE, because your heart pounds, tummy knots and blushes when you get to see him or he saying hi to you. Thanks to him for finding your hidden talent – stalking his Instagram and Facebook account. Scrolling his social media is fun because you know every detail about him, even his aunt that he doesn’t know she existed, but well, you KNOW EVERYTHING.

And of course, you casually look over him every few seconds when he sits near you and be in class so that you can see him, get disappointed when he is not in class.

You want to at least be his best friend, you know where you see quotes like ”Marry your best friend”. Of course, it’s pretty normal to day-dream having him as your boyfriend where you can make fun of, bully but he still loves you with all his heart.

Crazy, huh? How beautiful it is that our crush had taught us how to love.



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